Traffic fine management can be challenging and time-consuming, FleetGro Vehicle Solutions Pty Ltd (FMS) can assist you by managing your entire process. Our fines management solution is user-friendly, cost-effective, operationally viable and in line with Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) or the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA).
We provide a national traffic fine exposures on company proxies, business registration numbers and private individual identity numbers.
Legalities and Reductions
We perform and assist with court representations on behalf of company proxies and business registration numbers for any discounts on traffic fines.

Redirection of fines
Our web-based software enables us to efficiently redirect fines to responsible drivers including AARTO compliant redirections.

Our client portal enables users to export customized data in various formats, including fines by category offence types, payment of fines, fines redirected to drivers including the AARTO demerit points against drivers.

Fleet Management
We have integrated with various service providers who are responsible for the issuing and collections of fines to allow our fleet managers to administer drivers fines for any possible wage deductions, vehicle license renewals, redirection of fines and allocation of payments etc to various cost centers.


Our service caters for corporates with large fleets as well as private individuals.
We remove the responsibility from you, by obtaining license renewals and vehicle registrations nationally and to remove the risk of expired license discs to ensure that you our client can focus on your core business.
Other Services offered
• Vehicle change of ownership
• Vehicle transfers between various regions and departments
• New vehicle registrations
• Dealer stock
• Vehicle de-registrations
• Vehicle SAP Clearances
• BRN changes
• Creating New BRN numbers
• Proxy and Representative Changes
• Roadworthy certificates are facilitated through various Roadworthy test center’s
• Number plates

Corporate services
Business registration number management and consolidation, proxy removals and amendments.

Administration blocks
Warrants and Enforcement orders could potentially block you from renewing your vehicle license and including your driver’s license.
We will identify and resolve these disputes and ensure your license renewal is received timeously.

Annual Reminders
One of the advantages of registering for our service is the annual reminders two months in advance preventing additional penalties.
Roadworthy / COF 60-day and 30-day reminders.
SMS and Email notifications sent to private individuals as reminders of license expiry dates.


Value-added service provided, FleetGro will register/load all company drivers on our (FMS) system
We notify you as the company of the following;
• Driver’s license expiry dates,
• Drivers receive a sms notification two month prior to license expiry date
• Drivers receive a second sms a month prior to license expiry date
• Emails are sent to the company as well as the individual drivers.

The following driver’s documents are scanned for record purposes
• Identity document
• Driver’s License


Documentation is stored and managed through our (FMS) system which enables you the client to have 24/7 access to your information
• Vehicle Registration Certificates
• License Renewal Receipts
• Roadworthy certificates
• BRN Certificates
• Proxy Packs
• Various Authority Reports
    o R114
    o 163
    o 551
• Traffic fines
• Traffic fine receipts paid
• Identity document
• Driver’s License
• Vehicle Tracking Installation certificate
• Other company documents on request-if required to be discussed


Asset Management Fleet Management Services can be provided through our various third party service providers
• Vehicle Funding
• Managed Maintenance
• Service Maintenance and Warranty plans
• Scratch and dent repairs

Specialize in live video monitoring, vehicle tracking and fuel management systems for all types of vehicles. With all our systems being live we give you the tools to keep your finger on the pulse from the palm of your hand
Live Video Monitoring Systems
All systems run live with a 1GB data line and a 256GB SSD to give up to 2 months of footage.
Systems can be installed on all types of vehicles and ranges from 2ch up to 8ch which gets installed to suite you and your business. From small motor vehicles to large delivery trucks, we help you have eyes on your assets anywhere anytime.

Advantages of cameras• Increasing your daily revenue
• Monitoring Diesel Tanks
• Driver and passenger safety
• Accident reconstruction
• Monitor cell phone use while driving
• Driver training, making drivers aware of bad driving habits
• Reduce insurance premiums
• Speed up insurance claims
• 24/7 Eyes on assets from your phone.

Live Tracking
Need to know where your vehicles are right now?Where your drivers are travelling and stopping, how much mileage your trucks put on each month or just want to keep a logbook for SARS. We have the complete fleet management and vehicle tracking solution for you.With real-time monitoring, detailed route histories, immediate alerts and the ability to access a full online history of everywhere your fleet has been, from anywhere in the world via our website and mobile App.
Live Fuel Management
You already know that fuel takes up as much as 40% and sometimes even up to 50% of all direct cost to your fleet based business. Let us help you manage your fuel costs and prevent fuel theft which you might not even be aware of in your business. With our fuel management system, you are able to see fillings and drainages on your tank and pin point exactly where is taking place. It is only logical to prevent fuel theft in order to cut operational costs and optimise the processes.